The family who live in a cage

The BBC Middle East correspondent Tom Bateman had wanted to cover this story for some time and I was lucky enough to be in Jerusalem on the tail end of one of last year’s many elections when the time came to go visit the Gharib family.

The house in a cage. Surrounded by a settlement.

Sa’adat built his home on what was then Palestinian land four decades ago and since that time the encroaching Israeli settlement nearby has literally enveloped the house. Holding fast he and his family have stayed put despite the 18 foot steel and concrete barrier that has been built just yards away from the very walls that provide them shelter. The Israeli authorities have maintained the need to fence off the property providing them with their own security gate which gets locked if there is any sign of Unrest in the area.

A remarkable situation in a remarkable part of the West Bank it takes nearly ninety minutes to to travel between two neighbours who live on opposite sides of the same fence.