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I can’t think of a single Cameraman or Camerawoman who isn’t an absolute Kit-Monster when it comes to gear, and I have to say that I am worse than nearly everyone I know.

My addiction to kit stems from my days in the military and although I clearly need therapy its entirely a good thing especially when it comes to being 100 percent on the ball ready for every job. My wife will concur that it would seem like I have a bag and a pouch for everything (Our house is toppers with them) however, the other day I slipped into the offices of Birkenhead based textile design manufacturer Openhouse Products, and guess what, I have found some more.

Mainly known for supplying the medical industry with Bags cases and pouches for medical kit they do cater for other sectors and have a bespoke service where they will help you come up with a solution and make equipment just for you (at a price of course). Although as I’ve said most of their stuff is mainly for medical applications they have a selection of off the shelf stuff to buy which is where I found these gems.

Their website is the place to see and buy as their factory isn’t geared up for direct sales to the public.

I’m going to show you one set of pouches from them that I have found particularly useful and it’s this little beauty that I now store my two radio Microphones in.

The design of this particular case is made for something else but as you can see it fits my mics perfectly and protects them really well. I find this modular way of packing useful when travelling abroad and putting my hand baggage and camera through airport security. I am slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to certain routines and I pride myself on getting through first time without being pulled aside for a cavity search, being able to remove pouches separately onto the x-ray machine trays helps spread my gear out efficiently and get through first time.

The cases here have a pocket with a clear window on the front which can be filled with a label to clearly identify which kit you have inside.
Good solid workmanship and descent zips keep delicate items well protected, and although the zips and stitching aren’t watertight the material is and very hard wearing.
Keeping gear off the floor when wet or dusty is a priority.

Their pouches here come in two types… Their deluxe version and their standard version. Deluxe basically means that there is extra padding as seen in the pouch above. Their standard version has no padding as seen in the pouch below with my Shotgun Mic. Obviously with delicate items the deluxe version is the way to go.

Their standard ‘off the shelf’ pouches come in several sizes and colour schemes. The pouch on the left here easily holds all of my laptop power cables and foreign plug adapters.
The larger Pouch is perfectly long enough for a shotgun mic and any extra sound cables you might need with you on deployment.


Openhouse’s website is worth a dig around if you’re anything like me and you like your cases. It is mostly for medical stuff but these are good and they will make bags specifically for you if thats something you may need. These above are really well designed and the quality is great. The image above has been grabbed from their website to give you a quick idea of price.

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