Here is a list of useful links to websites that may be of interest to anyone interested in or working in the field of being a cameraperson. Apart from the obvious none of these companies or links are endorsed by the BBC. They are simply here because I think they are useful or interesting.

BBC News

UK and World News.

BBC News Logo

Image Junkies

A great blog, very popular with aspiring Camera crews, written by BBC News Cameraman and Video Journalist Christian Parkinson. Now based in South Africa his blog has very interesting articles relating to all aspects of news camerawork including operating in hostile environments, and some very in depth kit reviews. You can also subscribe to his Podcast where he interviews some very clever people from the industry.

Image Junkies Website

Think Tank Photo Bags

From my days as a press photographer I have always enjoyed using Think Tank’s great range of Cases and pouches for carrying my gear. Although geared for stills photographers many of their equipment can be utilised and extremely useful for video work.

ThinkTank Website

Tenba Bags

I have bought lots of Tenba tool pouches in the past couple of years… Modular and rugged with clear windows to show all of your excellent organisational skills. Really good build quality I cannot recommend them enough.

Tenba Website


A website dedicated to the making of great videos. This site has great tutorial videos and kit reviews and it’s well worth subscribing to their emails.

Videomaker Website

News Shooter

Providing the gen on all things industry related from upcoming releases of new kit to techniques and reviews, the people at newsshooter are always on the ball when it comes to the latest tech news. website

Vimeo Staff Picks

For all things inspirational a weekly visit to Vimeo’s Staff Picks page provides a rich and free festival for the free flow of your creative juices.

Vimeo’s Staff Picks page

Vimeo On Demand

Vimeo’s on demand page has given creators a platform to raise revenue through promotion and viewing of their independent films that would not normally make it to the big streaming sites. If Netflix, Amazon and Disney offer nothing quirky and new then your port of call should be here. Spend some money and support independent film making at its best.

Vimeo’s On Demand Webpage