Here are a quick selection of my favourite offerings from my Vimeo page. They’re in no particular order and only have a small description below each one. But they are all in one place to give a flavour of the kind of stories I have covered in the past few years.

Beirut Blast investigation stalls, Sept 2021
Beirut Blast: ‘The day our city exploded’, Aug 2021
Lebanon, a country on the brink of collapse, Newsnight Jul 2021
Iranian fuel arrives in Lebanon, Sept 2021
Lebanon’s Water Crisis, May 2021
The rise in regional support for the Palestinian cause, May 2021
The Syrian conflict, three women ten years on. March 2021
Beirut Blast: The ship of ‘lost lives and lost dreams’ Dec 2020
Born Without a Father, Beirut 2020
Coronavirus, the tragic death of Mary Boateng, 2020
Reading stabbings: ‘Heartbroken’ families pay tribute, Reading 2020
Coronavirus – Reopening for rehab, Headley Court 2020
Fall of the last stronghold of IS, Baghouz Syria 2019
UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson visits Ukraine 2018
Turkey opens the migrant flood gates, Turkey 2020
Funerals take place after fighting near the Turkey/Syria Border, Oct 2019
The Thomas Cook collapse, Antalya 2020
Syrians deported from Istanbul, Turkey 2019
Decision imminent over seized tanker, Gibraltar 2019
Investigating the school bus bombing, Yemen 2018
The Assisted Dying Debate, Guernsey 2018
The Venezuelan Gold trade, A digital explainer 2019
The battle for Baghouz, Syria 2019
Matthew Merry – Tainted blood scandal, series 2018
Celebrating the centenary of the Battle of Amiens, France 2018
Istanbul’s election re-run, Turkey 2019
BBC Breakfast’s Tim Muffet meets two VC recipients, London 2016
BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire interviews Sir Elton John on the fight against HIV. London 2016
Into the Blue – Documentary 2018
Terror attacks, Paris 2015
Britain basks in glorious sunshine, Southend 2018
Altinho – Brazillian Beach Football, Rio Olympics 2016
Terror attack at the Raddisson Blu hotel, Mali 2015
3-a-side Tennis with BBC Breakfast’s Mike Bushell, Wimbledon 2015
Lapa Juice Bar feature, Ipanema Beach, Rio 2016
Kidlington’s Strange Tourists with Robert Hall, Oxfordshire 2015
Game-Set-Mug challenge with Andy Murray, Queens Club 2017
An interview with Author Philip Pullman for ITV News, Oxfordshire 2017
Sex Education VT for ITV News, 2017
Inside Porton Down, Britain’s secret military base, Salisbury 2018
A interview with Ekrem İmamoğlu, Istanbul 2019
Stockholm Terror Attack, Sweden 2017
Victims of the Grenfell disaster, June 2017
John Pienaar reports from the Labour campaign trail, Southampton 2017
Three camera interview with the Deputy Govenor of the Bank of England, 2017
French Riot Police clash with English Football Fans in Lille, Euro 2016
BBC’s Ed Thomas reports on Post Brexit views from Great Yarmouth, 2016
Race of Champions with Mike Bushell, Olympic Park 2016