Ukraine War: Filming destroyed armour, north of Kyiv, April 2022.

My name is Lee Durant and I’m a Shoot/Edit Cameraman employed by BBC News and I am currently based in Beirut.

Prior to my job at the beeb I had been working as a freelance cameraman in broadcast news since 2010, mainly for ITV News (ITN), Reuters and BBC News and I was fortunate enough to get myself a staff job in Feb 2018. After completing a year working from the newsroom in London I landed the Turkey shoot/edit job working as a part of the middle east bureau team.

I have been fortunate to have travelled a lot and have I covered some pretty good jobs in the last few years including two UK elections, two Olympic Games, two Royal Weddings, terror attacks and some great features and interviews. Since being based in the Middle East I have covered the Fall of IS, the migrant crisis, many elections, the conflict in NE Syria as well as being deployed to cover the war in Ukraine.

With this blog I hope to show some of present work I am involved in and some of the work I have been most proud to have on the telly. The posts will be in no particular order but I hope they are of interest and if anything it’s also a way of trying top improve my own writing skills.

Thanks for taking a look. This website will always be a work in progress and will try to update it with new posts as time allows however, I use Twitter as an online CV/diary of my daily jobs so please follow me there and I use Vimeo and Instagram to store and show some of my work.