Race of Champions with Mike Bushell

I havn’t posted in a long while… One reason (and it’s the best) one is that I’ve been too busy. Gangs of work, plenty of trips and some long stints away. As a freelancer there’s no better news that the words ‘I’ve been too busy’.

To that end I have decided to get back into the swing of blogging again with some pieces from my archive that I have managed to save over the last couple of years but have never managed to shout about.

The first of these that I’ll show you is a package from BBC Breakfast and the legendary sports presenter Mike Bushell. The two of us went down to the 2012 Olympic Stadium in London to see the place had been transformed from running track into a 70mph road racing track for the Race of Champions. Held every year the event sees the very best of motorsport talent come together as the season ends to compete for glory and see who is the greatest motorsport hero that year.

I filmed the whole piece (apart from the time lapse and pictures of last years race) using several cameras including 2 GoPro’s in just a few hours, the footage was edited by BBC Breakfast editors and shown on the program a few days after… Great fun and Mike was a pleasure to work with as always.