Into the blue – A documentary

This was one shoot that I’m particularly proud of and very lucky to have been asked to contribute to this piece for BBC News as correspondent Sophie Raworth traces the story of her pioneering grandfather who was one of the brave pilots who flew in the RAF during the First World War.

I had the pleasure along with Julius Peacock of filming some elements of this lovely documentary directed and produced by the amazing BBC correspondent Robert Hall @roberthallnews. I filmed the elements where Sophie was at the airfield towards the end of the film when she went up in the aircraft watched by her dad and I shot all of the recreation, dramatisation shots. It was the first time that I had ever shot a re-enactment of any kind and it was really Robert who had the vision to see what was needed and I think it worked out ok in the end. Julius did a wonderful job on all the rest of it.

It’s not very ofter that one gets to be near one of these beautiful planes let alone climb aboard and stick clamps and GoPro’s all over them, what a privilege.

This next piece I edited with Robert on the day of the RAF 100 years celebration.

Robert Hall reports on the RAF centenary celebrationsfor the 10 oclock news

Equipment used:

Canon C300 mkii (Main Camera), Canon 5D mkiv and several GoPro’s on the plane.