From the Dockyard to the Scrapyard

Last Wednesday I was tasked by BBC News to cover the final departure of the Royal Navy Aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious from her home port of Portsmouth as she sets off for a scrapyard in Turkey. She has been sold for a measly 2 million pounds and will follow the fate of her two sister ships and be broken up for scrap metal. Here is a mixture of photos, screen grabs and our edited news piece from that day on the Dock wall. A sad but proud day for British Military history, but a big look forward to the new Carriers coming online… Hope to be filming the news on those soon.

The following pictures are a mixture of stills and screen grabs from our work on the day.


Getting up super early has its perks…


Setting up one of my GoPro Hero 5’s for that extra wide shot of the ship as she passes.


First glimpse of her being towed around the corner.


Looking rather sad, stripped of all her former glory.


The sun was in the perfect place to get a silhouette shot of the ship in the distance.


Interviewing the ship’s last captain… This interview we didn’t actually use in our final piece.


Jonny and I editing a Radio piece for the 1800 radio 4 news.


Editing for the One.

Correspondent Jonny Beale, Producer Jon Ironmonger and I edited a full 2.27 minute long VT for the One o’clock news and a 1800 radio piece for the story.