3-a-Side Tennis

Because I’m only now populating a blog again after a few years solely relying on twitter to be my online CV/Diary I intend to be publishing posts on previous features that I have done. One of those I have been meaning to post onto Vimeo for a while was shot for BBC Breakfast News sports correspondent Mike Bushell back in 2015 at Wimbledon.

The task was simple… Turn up at the right time, gain vehicle access to a restricted area, meet mike, learn the rules to a new sport, film enough footage for a 4 minute feature on 3-a-side tennis including 3 interviews and Voxes, stay hydrated, record voiceover in the car, edit and transmit… All in a day’s work and all achieved using 2 cameras, a GoPro, an iPhone 6 for the timelapses, and a slider for a variety of shots.

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