Syria 2019

My name is Lee Durant and I am a staff cameraman for BBC News. I am based in Istanbul and work throughout the middle east as one of their Shoot Edit crews.

This is my personal portfolio website where I aim to build up and show a record of some of the work that I do. I have a blog page where I will post videos of the stories that I work on and other bits that interest me. It is also a way to develop my writing skills.

Latest Blog Posts

  • A digital explainer – The Venezuelan gold trade
    This piece about the Venezuelan gold trade was commissioned by BBC Digital at the height of the 2019 leadership crisis in the South American country. At the time Mark Lowen was the Turkey correspondent. He and I created this explainer, reporting from Istanbul.
  • Four cameras and a Prime Minister
    This shoot was conducted in the West Bank after the US and Israel agreed to the so-called deal of the century. The Palestinian authority predictably had issues with the plan and in response their Prime Minister agreed to an interview with Orla. Filmed as a two crew shoot I went along with our Jerusalem based fellow shoot/edit Jimmy Michael.
  • Commemorating the Centenary of the battle of Amiens
    Filmed with Sophie Raworth, I set up three cameras to shoot this VT in the wonderful cathedral of Amiens where we met and interviewed one of the relatives of a young soldier who died in the battle.
  • Tales of Tainted Blood
    I’ve recently been involved in producing a three part series of self-authored VT’s that tell the stories of people profoundly affected by the biggest scandal ever to hit the National Health Service,
  • The Sunday Politics Moodbox
    The BBC’s Sunday Politics show is about to finish for good… This Thursday I had the privilege of filming the final ever Moodbox for a Sunday show. We headed to Aylesbury to ask the public…
  • Covering the Case – Cliff Richard against the BBC
    Yesterday Sir Cliff Richard won his landmark case against the BBC. I was there to cover the case that day for the BBC working with Correspondent Lucy manning shooting for the lead package on the Six and Ten.